Member technical program committees of EURAS2017, ITU Kaleidoscope 2017, EURAS2018

Review activities for international journals (ongoing)

Member int. org. committee IEEE SIIT2017 conference (Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology), China

Member program committees of 4th International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud, 3rd I-ESA WS on Corporate Standardisation Management, EURAS2016, ITU Kaleidoscope 2016, 13th Balkan Conference on Standardization 2016

Co-chair Technical Program Committee (with Mostafa Sherif) of the IEEE SIIT2015 conference (Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology), 6-8 October, Synopsys, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Member program committees of 6th International Conference on Internet Technologies & Society 2015, EURAS2015 etc.

Member subcommittee ‘Innovation and Standards in Information and Communication Technologies (ISICT)’ of  IEEE ComSoc’s Emerging Technologies Committee (2013-present)

President of European Academy for Standardization (EURAS) 2005-2011, board member 2002- 2014

Founding director Delft Institute for Research on Standardization (DIRoS, 2012)

Moderator panel on Standards Education at UNECE Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies,  8 November 2012, Geneva, Switzerland

Member UN/ITU-T Focus Group ‘Bridging the Gap: From Innovation to Standards’ (2012)

Expert to UNECE WP6 STaRT-ED (STandardization and Regulatory Techniques for EDucation)  (2011-present)

Member ODF expert group Forum Standaardisatie (2011-2012)

Treasurer IEEE SIIT2013 Conference (Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology), European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Sophia Antipolis, France

Fellow Open Forum Academy (2010-present)

Organizer TU Delft-wide Standardization meeting with high-level delegation of Chinese National Institute of Standardization (CNIS), 28 April 2011, Delft, the Netherlands

Member international organizing committee SIIT2011 Conference (Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology), TU Berlin, September 2011, Berlin, Germany

Chair International Cooperation for Education about Standardization (ICES) 2009-2010; vice-chair 2008-2009; member Geneva strategy group 2007, TU Delft  hosts ICES website 2007-2009


(c) photo courtesy of John Hill. ICES2008 meeting at NIST, Gaitherburg with the two ICES founders John Hill (sitting in the middle-left) and Toshiaki Kurokawa (sitting to his left)

Member European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Special Task Force 376 Expert Committee (2009-2010)

Chair Program Committee ICES2010 Conference,ISO/IEC/ITU, Geneva, Switzerland, July 2010; organizer session on ‘Games and simulations as educational tools’, and moderator (with Daniele Gerundino) of concluding session

Member Advisory Committee NOiV Congres (Nederland Open in Verbinding), Utrecht, Netherlands, March 2010

Member Expert Group ‘Enterprise Interoperability Science Base’ (EISB), DG Information Society and Media, European Commission (2009)

Member international organizing committee SIIT2009 Conference, Kogakuin University, Tokyo, Japan, September 2009

Organizer (with Donna Mehos) ‘Inverse Infrastructures’ Roundtable, Next Generation Infrastructures conference on Building Networks for a Brighter Future, 10-12 November 2008, De Doelen Congress Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Organizer (with Karin van Doorn) session ‘Sterke standaardisatie-verhalen’ (transl. ‘Unbelievable Stories of Standardization’), HubHolland Working Conference, October 2, 2008, Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends/ Dutch Ministry of Rijkswaterstaat, LEF Future Centre, Utrecht (Session Report, Dutch)

Beeldleveranciers_OOXML vs ODF

(c) Beeldleveranciers, one of the visual minutes of ‘Unbelievable Stories of Standardization’ session (HubHolland, Utrecht, 2008)

Organizer (with Anique Hommels) of conference session series Tensions in standardization, 4S/EASST, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 20-23 August 2008

Program committee member and jury member ‘best papers selection’ of 1st ITU-T Kaleidoscope Academic Conference Innovations in NGN – Future Network and Services, Geneva, 12-13 May 2008, International Telecommunications Union

Organizer and chair public seminar De oorlog tussen ODF en OOXML: Berichten van het standaardisatiefront, 18 March 2008, Delft University of Technology, Delft

Co-organizer (with Judith Schueler) van workshop ‘Onderwijs over Standaardisatie: Een spel ontwikkelen?’, hosted by  Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek, 11 March 2008, Kivi Niria gebouw, Den Haag


(c) STS. Workshop to explore interest in and  support for the development of a game on standardization. Invitees: e.g. Arjan Widlak from United Knowledge (photo, to the right) and Henk de Vries (Erasmus University).

Member program committee of Prosit workshop (PROducing Standards for the Internet of Things), international conference ‘Internet of Things’, Zurich, Switzerland, 26-28 March 2008

Organizer (with Henk de Vries) of International Committee on Education about Standardization (ICES) workshop, 7-9 February 2007, Delft University of Technology

Chair program committee SIIT2005, International Telecommunications Union, Geneva, Switzerland, September 2005

Member program committee ‘Holland Open Software Conference’, May 30-31 2005, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Leader Standardization & Flexible Infrastructures project of the NGInfra program (Next Generation Infrastructures, 2004-2008)

Leader NO-REST Workpackage on Standards Dynamics (EU project, 2004-2006)

Organizer (with Kai Jakobs) session ‘Incompatibility of Standards Implementations – Exploring the Problem’, EASST 2004/ 4S, Paris, August 25-28, 2004

Conference chair IEEE SIIT2003, 22-24 October 2003, Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands

Organizer seminar SME frustrations using IT: Is standardisation the solution? 25 October 2002, TU Delft

Organizer (with Ragna Zeiss and Alex Voss) session on ‘Standardisation: Participation and Change’ / organizer of ‘Standards Manifesto’, EASST 2002 Conference, SATSU, University of York, York, UK, July 31 – August 3, 2002

Organizer (with Koen Dittrich) EURAS Workshop on ‘Standards, Compatibility & Infrastructure Development‘, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands, 2001

[positions prior to 2001 not included]