The Delft Institute for Research on Standardization (DIRoS) was founded in 2012. It initiates and executes scientific research on standardization-related issues for public and private organizations.


  • Basic and applied research on standardization processes, strategies, mechanisms, impact and policies
  • Consultancy and policy analysis (e.g. Dutch Court of Audit)
  • Raising awareness and interest (e.g. Tales of Standardisation and Game development i.c.w. United Knowledge)
  • Publications – academic, policy reports and other (e.g. to stimulate public debate)
  • Education (e.g.  MOOCs, lectures, trainings, and workshops)
  • Contributions towards the build-up of an academic standardization community (education and research; e.g. EURAS)


Contribute towards raising societal and policy awareness about and interest in the relevance, workings and consequences of standardization, and furthering scientific insight in this area.


Interdisciplinary, combining insights from different industries and societal sectors, technologies, practices and practitioners.


DIRoS’ current research work focuses on standardization and innovation (expanding on research grant for Intel; ongoing work with dr. Roland Ortt and dr. Mostafa Sherif) and standards in care for the elderly. List of previous projects.


For more information, please contact dr. T.M. Egyedi, director-researcher and founder of DIRoS (bio).