EURAS2018 conference Dublin

EURAS2018 in Dublin was highly interesting, partly because of the divers attendants (academics, SDOs, public agencies, industry), subjects addressed and academic disciplines represented; partly because of the excellent invited speakers and good discussions. Here’s the programme.

Newly published: Handbook of Innovation and Standards

September 2017 the Handbook of Innovation and Standards edited by Richard Hawkins, Knut Blind and Robert Page, was published by Edward Elgar. Contributing authors: P. Ballon, R. Bekkers, K. Blind, C.F. Cargill, H.J. de Vries, S. Delaere, A. Delemarle, T.M. Egyedi, C. Frankel, J.-P. Galland, R. Hawkins, J. Hudson, E.J. Iversen, K. Jakobs, M. King, R. Lambert, C. Montalvo, J.R. Ortt, M. Orviska, R. Page, M. Punter, C. Righi, T. Simcoe, W.E. Steinmueller, C. Stolwijk, G.M.P. Swann, G. Tassey, P. Temple, P.M. Wiegmann.  One of the chapters,  Towards a functional classification of standards for innovation research.,  was written by Tineke Egyedi and Roland Ortt. Professor Henk de Vries, president of the European Academy for Standardization, writes in an email “I had the privilege of already reading a preliminary version of the chapter by Tineke Egyedi & Roland Ortt – a superior contribution to the field of standardisation research.”

Vincent Grey on Container Standardization

Talking to Vincent Grey* on the phone, I heard some additional interesting stories about early container standardization. He talked about why the 20′ container is not actually 20′ long, and about the tests to determine the required strength of the top, bottom and sidewalls, things I did not address in my writings. His stories further  illustrate the deeply multimodal origins of the  ISO container and the three-way symmetry of embedded interests between rail, maritime and road transport. To get a sense of the issues, see his publication in  ISO Focus (October 2007, p.27).

*Vincent Grey has been involved in container standardization since 1952 and was Chair of ISO/TC 104 on Freight containers between 1977 and 1995.

Book ‘Effective Standardization Management in Corporate Settings’

Effective Standardization Management in Corporate Settings edited by Kai Jakobs is out (December 2015). For those reading on IPR, it contains among others an excellent chapter on IPR policies, i.e. Jorge L. Contreras and Andrew Updegrove. A Primer on Intellectual Property Policies of Standards Bodies, pp. 215-235. There’s another  one Standardization, not standards, matters from Carl F. Cargill (pp. 18-32) that gives an interesting and frank account of corporate management issues.